How It Works

Once you place your order, we will email you for the following information:
  • Dimensions:  
For new builds please email us your plans, and for renovations please send dimensions of the room plus some photos, if possible.  Please remember to include the ceiling height, placement of windows and doors and any obstacles, plus any existing services such as water and electricity.
  • Appliances:  
We'll need a list of the appliances that you would like to include.  These don't need to be the exact models, but we do need to know if the oven will be a standard 60cm built in oven, a 900cm freestanding oven and so on.  What size fridge would you like to include and would you prefer a gas or electric hob?  Will you be buying IKEA appliances?
  • Thoughts and Preferences:  
Often clients have an idea of some elements that they do - and don't - want in their kitchen. Please let us know your thoughts!  
  • Style
Are you looking for a very contemporary or more traditional style kitchen? Would you love some open shelving or do you prefer to have everything hidden away?  If you are using IKEA's fronts, please let us know which particular fronts you prefer.  We can help guide you through their selection. If you are looking to use custom fronts, please let us know your preferred supplier. 
  • Photos  
If you've found pictures online of kitchens that you love, even if it's just one particular element in a photo, please send them through. It really helps us create a kitchen that's just right for you.
  • Draft Design
We will draft a kitchen plan for you.  We then work with you to optimise the design.  Included in the price are two design revisions.
  • Final Design & Render
Once we have finalised the design we will email you the final floor plans, elevations and a render of your new kitchen.
  • Shopping List
We will work with you to create a full IKEA shopping list so that you can buy your kitchen at your local IKEA.  We can also coordinate with your custom front manufacturer.